thanksgiving just got better

PIE?  BEEN THERE.  DONE THAT.  start a new thanksgiving tradition with peteybird ice cream sandwiches.  The right size treat after an epic feast that will make your friends and family find room for dessert.

one to three $3.00 | four to eleven $2.75 | dozen+ $2.50



shortbread cookie & butter pecan ice cream covered in gooey brown sugar pecan and a dollop of whipped icing


sugar cookie & cherry ice cream covered in gooey cherries and a dollop of whipped icing


graham cracker cookie & pumpkin pie ice cream with a dollop of whipped icing on top

reserve yours for pick up from our shop.  we'll have them boxed up and ready for you. 

note: these sandwiches are only available by preorder and will not be available in the shop for pop-in 

wednesday, november 22 | 1:00-6:00p

thursday, november 23 | 9:00-11:00a   

fill out the form below.  we will review and send confirmation or feedback.  once the order details are confirmed, we will send you an invoice.  payment is not due until you pick up; however, the invoice can be paid online via credit card in advance.  we accept credit card, check, and cash.   

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shortbread & butter pecan + pecan topping and whipped icing
graham cracker & pumpkin + whipped icing
sugar & cherry + cherry topping and whipped icing
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