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since 2013 peteybird has been changing the way people think about ice cream sandwiches.  no longer just a nostalgic, rectangular frozen dessert you eat at the pool; the ice cream sandwich is now a gourmet, hand-crafted dessert that can be enjoyed at any occasion.   impress friends, family and guests with the unexpected, peteybird.

our shop is now open in north denver (rino neighborhood).  come by and eat one, share a flight, or take a dozen to go!  of course, if you just want to stop in and chat ice cream sammies, we are game!  


we box up our uniquely crafted treats and either bring them to you frozen and ready to eat or stop by the shop and pick them up.  the perfect change-of-pace for any office party, birthday, baby shower, or any other gathering.  avoid hearing "cupcakes again?" and order something different.  

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peteybird will make your event a unique experience your guests won't soon forget.  choose from various fun serving options, such as one of our custom ice cream bikes.  or we can get creative and find a solution that works for your event.  

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so you want peteybird right now?  we have several retail partners in the denver/boulder metro areas that carry our ice cream sammies at all times.  

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or just give us a call.  we love chatting about ice cream sandwiches!


denver, colorado