care instructions

as you have probably already considered, ice cream melts, especially high quality ice cream. you have no reason to be concerned. peteybird has years of experience serving frozen treats. here are some recommendations to insure you and your guests have the best possible experience.

  • store your ice cream sandwiches in a freezer until ready to serve. you can store sandwiches as long as needed in a freezer without significantly affecting quality.

  • if you don’t have a freezer, a cooler and dry ice is your next best option. ice packs will work better than ice cubes. it is not advised to store sandwiches in a cooler with ice packs for more than an hour.

  • dependent on the air temperature, you can leave the ice cream sandwiches out for 15-30 minutes before softening is noticed.

  • if you have leftovers, store them a freezer and keep there until ready to eat.

  • if you are going to transport the sandwiches, you can travel 35-45 minutes in an air conditioned car. if you use a cooler and ice packs, you have an hour. place the sandwiches into a freezer upon arrival.

note, these are general recommendations and can’t be applied to all situations. apply this information as best you can. feel free to contact us with specific questions.