Q: can i store these in my freezer and for how long?

A: yes and for as long as necessary.  unlike baked goods, peteybird ice cream sandwiches do not go stale or spoil.  just keep them frozen until ready to eat

Q: how long can i keep these out before they melt?

A: this is dependent on air temperature, but generally 20-30 minutes before they are noticeably soft and 40-50 minutes before they begin to melt. 

Q: how much time is required before ordering?

A: generally, we ask for at least 24 hours, but feel free to reach out at any time.  of course, you can come into our shop during business hours and get some to go.  

Q: how much is delivery?  

A: delivery within 3 miles of our shop is free!  from there it depends on distance.