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ice cream sandwiches
one-$3 | four-$11 | dozen-$30 | more than 12-$2.50 each
We will create a mixture of our current flavors. Feel free to give us a little direction, such as - "for children", "adventurous", or "loves chocolate"
ice cream and sorbet cups
$2 each. ice cream is gluten free, sorbet is gluten free & vegan
choose from any ice cream used in our current ice cream sandwich flavor combinations. notate flavor and quantity in the field below. (i.e. - salted caramel 4, vanilla bean 5)
available flavors are raspberry and lemon zest
hot cocoa carafes
$30.00 each. serves 12. includes cups, napkins, marshmallows, and a dozen cookies
$1.00 per serving (min 12) - whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, and cinnamon sticks.
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